Since starting up in 2011, I’ve had lots of lovely feedback.  Here’s just a small selection of quotes from the emails and cards I’ve received, as well as reviews from my Facebook page about different services I offer:

Thank you for a lovely afternoon. We are feeling inspired and can’t wait to go on a shopping trip in the new year! Emma, November 2015


When I saw you I was planning to go shopping to buy a new outfit for a party. It was a little daunting at first but I ended up buying a dress in a completely different colour from the usual – using my colour wallet. I was very pleased with it and I received lots of compliments too.  Sally, September 2015


I had such a lovely afternoon with you and came home thoroughly elated! I have been doing my makeup properly most mornings and have had lots of comments about it! Jane, September 2015


I would give Charlotte a 10/10.  She gave us far more time than originally discussed, dealt with three generations of my family with a common sense, down to earth attitude that helped us all feel that we were learning as well as enjoying the day.  A quick breakdown: My 18 year old is just off to uni and wanted to know how to build a capsule wardrobe and discover her colour and style.  All achieved. I’m 51 and heading for ’empty nest’.  I’ve had colour done before but hadn’t felt happy about it.  Despite being a professional artist, I have always found it very hard to be objective about myself.  No longer! A natural dramatic, I now know exactly how to put my separates and accessories together with confidence. My 77 yr old mum has never known how to make the most of herself.  A few hours with Charlotte has given her a new lease of life. I’ve already recommended Charlotte to one of my best friends, who has already booked a day for her and her girls. Sophie, August 2015


Hi Charlotte, it was a fun morning!  I’ve already put my skills to the test and it reduced my ‘rail shuffling’ time by half as simply focused on my ideal colours! Excellent. First time in a while that i actually enjoyed clothes shopping. Thanks!! Alison, July 2015 (workshop attendee)


The workshop was great. Good mix of  colour analysis, make up and scarf tips. Loved it and have now found myself looking at other peoples colours in a new light. Will definitely help me shop more successfully in the future. Be bold, be clear, be bright! Julia, June 2015


Thank you so much for Saturday, it’s really made me think about what colours I am wearing.  I wore a shirt to work yesterday that was dark green, I have had it for months but wasn’t convinced about the colour, a couple of people commented at work that it suited me, so thank you! Gail, June 2015


Just had a session with Chic by Charlotte – Colour Me Beautiful for my sister and it was fab – it has inspired her to change her make-up and sort through her wardrobe! Joanne, May 2015


Charlotte did an amazing analysis with Linda (my partner).  She was able to completely open her eyes to a range of colours she had never considered before. The result was a genuine revelation and of course it then meant that Linda could go out and buy more clothes (result!) Joking aside, Charlotte is amazing. Highly recommended. Kevin, April 2015


Thanks again for the makeover session yesterday. I really enjoyed it and found it very useful. I have already started sorting out my make-up, clothes and jewellery and look forward to buying new stuff with more confidence as well! Kristin Green, January 2015


This is a long overdue email to thank you so much for the colour analysis for my two daughters which was a wonderful start to Christmas holidays and has equipped them with colours that should last them a good long time. They love wearing the make-up you provided too. We really enjoyed the session and some of the colours they discovered suited them was a revelation for them both. They are now much more confident about what to wear and also the colour combinations that work well for each one of them. FH, December 2014


Thank you so much for giving my daughter such a lovely time for her birthday colour consultation. It really helped as she is now looking at colours in a quite different way, this will help her when she shops so thank you. VL, December 2014


I really enjoyed the consultation and discovered lots of new colours that I could wear, many of which I’d avoided previously thinking they didn’t suit me. Charlotte also gave me lots of great style ideas; colour combinations, outfit suggestions, make-up and hair tips which I can’t wait to implement. I’m looking forward to going shopping and being much braver with colour choices but also hopefully shopping in a more focussed way! Aoife H, September 2014


It was a great pleasure to meet you on Saturday, and I want to thank you for the inspiration and great ideas for colour and make up.  I’ve already chucked the vivid coral top (not surprisingly) and a few other things as well, after I had a wonderful de-cluttering session.  Now I know why some of them were so infrequently worn – wrong, wrong, wrong colour spectrum! GS, July 2014


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your great advice and for your hospitality on Saturday.  I really enjoyed the session.  Also I went shopping this week and I found it SO easy!!  I am all over Bittersweet, Tomato Red, Clear Salmon, True Blue and Teal and managed to find loads of things.  It’s funny how your eye can pick things out in a second and you can immediately eliminate 95% of the store offer that’s not relevant when you know what you are looking for.  I am going to state the obvious now and say that I wish I had done it years ago! RW, July 2014


I thoroughly enjoyed our session and I’m very grateful for your help.  I have already sorted and purged many of my clothes.  It’s a great feeling!  I’m thrilled too that there are some new colours in my palette.  And I’m particularly enjoying my new make up. AW, March 2014


Ciara and I would like to thank you for such a lovely session on Friday.  I know that she got a lot out of it, as did I.  We had a short shopping session yesterday and bought some lovely things which all work for her perfectly.  We are also having fun discussing why the outfits women are wearing are or are not working for them! SM, February 2014


It was great to meet you and learn so much! I did treat myself to a pashmina and a spot of gold and pearls. Both were from the colour palette and everyone said how lovely it looked! It was nice to hear, if a little odd as literally EVERYONE who saw me wearing the pash commented on how well I looked! DL, December 2013


Our daughter had a colours and mini style session with Charlotte for her 13th brithday. She loved it! Charlotte had put a lot of thought into how the session would work for a teenage girl. We started with a set of ‘style personality’ Pinterest boards that Charlotte had put together, selecting examples of famous style icons both past and current, which worked really well as an ice-breaker and made for a fun and relaxed feeling from the start. The colour analysis was stunning and G was absolutely thrilled with her colour palette. Charlotte also included a mini make-up session with an eye-shadow application lesson, mascara colour choice and she helped G choose a real WOW colour lipstick that was very youthful. Absolutely what I had hoped for, confidence building and fun. I would highly recommend Charlotte for anyone who has a teenager starting to buy their own clothes or who wants some impartial and gentle advice on how to look your best! Anna White, September 2013


Fantastic make-up lesson!! I feel much more confident applying my make up and know what suits me best! Becky C, August 2013


It was great to meet you on Wednesday and I had such fun.  Honestly, I am now seeing things through different eyes!  I’ve always wished that I could get away with buying the beautiful colours in Monsoon and now I know I can.  Shopping is now going to be fun rather than just buying things to cover up. I will definitely be in touch again and have already passed your details to a few of my friends.  Thanks so much once again and I’m sure our paths will cross again.  I’ll be back for the red scarf once the weather gets cooler. BC, July 2013


I would recommend a make-up lesson with Charlotte to anyone looking for an initial or refresher make-up course.  In starting a new job in the City, I was looking for some tips to look professional, yet natural, while juggling a career. Charlotte listened to what I wanted and gave me some great advice as well as the confidence to pull it off!  Definitely recommended. Lianne S, June 2013


So happy with my new make up. Have been using it every day and am feeling much prettier. Our little chat about the softer colours has already helped me not buy certain items and I’ve thrown out a few more things from my wardrobe as well (very much needed). AV, April 2013


Charlotte is a colour magician! My daughter and I had a fantastic afternoon learning our colours, building confidence with make-up and having fun.  Charlotte was so warm, friendly and well-informed.  And the best thing is my daughter can no longer steal my clothes as we have opposite colour palettes. Julie Davies, April 2013


Having had a baby 6 months ago, I decided to take some time for myself  –  it was well worth it. A couple of hours looking at how to look good just by wearing the right colours was really useful and great fun! Sophie Segal, March 2013


I had a very enjoyable and inspiring time with Charlotte. She put me at my ease straight away, explained the science behind the Colour Me Beautiful approach simply without blinding me with it! In just a couple of hours, I found the right tone of foundation and lipstick and understood which depth, warmth and colour brightness would work for me.  Mums – please take your daughters when they’re 18 – this will help them achieve their potential and improve their confidence! Partners – this is the ideal valentines/anniversary/birthday present! Best friends – if you really like your friend and are not scared of being upstaged – then this is what to get them!  Julie Dawkins, February 2013


Just wanted to let you know that the changes since I had the colour consultation have been quite drastic (for someone who always used to wear black!).  I now have a bright red handbag, a vivid blue summer coat, a load of colourful jewellery and I never leave the house without at least one very colourful accessory.  It’s really been an eye opener – thank you.  NS, July 2012


 Thank you! I thought (my wife) might enjoy it, but it almost sounded like she’d had a religious experience! To quote her, “I think it may have changed my life” Well you can’t get better than that! SA, May 2012


Thank you for your expert style and colour consultation and for making it such a fun and relaxed experience.  I am particulalry pleased with the style consultation which has made such a difference to my sense of what does and does not suit me and I can thoroughly recommend it.  Thanks to your expert advice I now know which styles are best for my face and body shape and combined with my new colours I am buying and wearing clothes with so much more confidence and fun. CS, January 2012


Such a welcoming atmosphere.  I love your professional yet friendly manner.  I felt so relaxed.  Loved it! CH, October 2011


A brilliant experience and a real eye opener – I can’t wait to go shopping and get a new, colour coordinated wardrobe and make the most of my new colours! Thanks Charlotte, great fun. JP, July 2011


A great fun experience with fantastic advice and made me feel good.  Looking forward to going shopping! April 2011


I’ve been meaning to let you know how useful I’m finding my colour consultation.  I’ve thrown out a few bits, bought a few things I wouldn’t normally have tried and have been thinking differently when I’ve been choosing outfits.  It’s resulted in lots of unexpected compliments! LH, March 2011


Before my consultation my wardrobe was full of all sorts of different mismatching colours – and a lot of black! I bought clothes based on whether I liked them rather than whether the colour ‘liked’ me. Basically I had no idea! But Charlotte didn’t make me feel at all silly for this, she really puts you at ease and takes the time to answer questions and make sure you understand. I can’t praise her highly enough. You get a brilliant little swatch wallet to take away with you too, which now lives in my handbag permanently! Plus we selected my 5-6 ‘wow’ colours… The perfect excuse for shopping! Visit Charlotte now, you won’t regret it I promise, money extremely well spent KR, Feb 2011

Fantastic – will transform my wardrobe and my life!! CW, March 2011