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March 2015

Goodbye Richmond, hello Fleet!

24th March 2015

So, life has changed dramatically since last April when our little boy, Ben, arrived.  The last eleven months are a blur of smiles, giggles, time with family and lovely mum-friends as well as more than a few tears, tantrums, and sleepless nights.  Perhaps the temporary decline of the blog was inevitable, but I’m pleased to say we’re now back in business!  While the blog might have been on hold, business itself has been continuing as usual when possible, with colour analysis, style consultations, image makeovers aplenty.  A lovely change of scene from bottles and bedtimes!

Anyway, with the onset of our new life it was only a matter of time before we decided to relocate from our first floor apartment in Richmond to somewhere more suited to family life.  And so we find ourselves in Fleet!  A peaceful, woody haven full of families and situated within a manageable drive from both sets of doting grandparents, plus a hands-on Aunty and Uncle – ideal!

Fittingly, my first client in my new Fleet studio is also embarking on a major life event, with an impending nuptials taking place this year!  It was with her wedding day in mind that Linda booked to see me for a colour analysis.  She didn’t want to go down the traditional white route, preferring to find some of her most flattering colours to give her the wow factor on her big day.

Kevin Ahronson Photography Weddings Portraits Hampshire Surrey-4

Linda arrived with her partner Kevin who, as a professional photographer, was intrigued by the idea of colour analysis (and also pretty suspicious of it as I later found out in his blog!).  With a special interest in recording different elements of the wedding process, up to and including the day itself, Kevin wanted to document the session.  Though I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera, we were almost able to forget he was there – in the nicest possible way!  This meant he captured some lovely images illustrating how the warm shades complement Linda’s red-toned tresses and topaz-ringed eyes.  Kevin had to leave before the end to meet with another couple whose wedding he was photographer for, which meant Linda and I could have a proper chat about what she might choose.  Well, rusty reds, olive greens, corals and golds – Linda can take her pick! Watch this space and hopefully I can fill you in on what she goes for (after the event, obviously!).


Kevin Ahronson Photography Weddings Portraits Hampshire Surrey-9

Kevin Ahronson Photography Weddings Portraits Hampshire Surrey-8


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