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September 2014

Lovely lace

8th September 2014

With my ‘romantic’ style personality, I’ve always had a soft spot for lace, so the fact that the lace dress is being hailed as one of THE investment pieces for the new season has already made my autumn!

Lace always looks feminine and this season there are more designs than ever to choose from in a huge range of cuts and colours.  Whether you choose a striking red or black dress for evening wear, or a vibrant blue or delicate lavender that you can wear to lunch with the girls, you can buy now and it will see you through to Spring.

The black lace dress is classic, and always the most popular.  However, black is not for everyone so if you want to wear it and it’s not your best colour, choose one with low neckline, or even strapless so the black isn’t so close to your face. I recently wore a black lace dress for a funeral (the only time I go near black) and found that a softer chiffon at the top of the dress made it less harsh against my light hair, eyes and skin tone. And you can always accessorize according to your colouring to lift the black.

Which is your best lace dress? Take a guess then find out below:

(Clockwise from top left)
LIGHT:With your fair hair, pale skin and light eyes, this gorgeous Phase Eight dress will make you glow!  Light teal will also look striking on you and for something softer, try grey lace with chiffon over a pale shade such as light periwinkle.
DEEP: This beautiful John Lewis number will balance with your strong, dark characteristics and the blue adds a bit of interest.  You wear black best of all the colourings so you can also make the most of the classic black lace dress. Choose deep red or rich burgundy for eye-catching colour.
WARM: You will glow in this teal Yumi dress, which will complement the warm tones in your skin and red hair perfectly.  Dark navy is your black. For a statement shade, go for a brighter emerald green or a bronze overlay.
COOL:  This vibrant blue Kaliko dress will wow against your ashy hair and pink skin tone.  Cerise or fuschia are your statement colours.
CLEAR: This two tone Phase Eight dress will be great with your contrasting dark hair, pale skin and bright eyes.  Otherwise a classic bold red or bright emerald will look fabulous.
SOFT: This soft red Oasis dress will flatter your understated, blended colouring beautifully.  Cocoa and charcoal are also a lovely look for you.