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Baby talk

13th July 2014

This may be premature (unlike my baby boy who was nearly two weeks late) but almost 11 weeks on from giving birth to Benjamin the fog is starting to lift and we are settling into a new ‘normal’*. Not only that, but I can now see what all the fuss is about when it comes to babies! Since making his entrance into the world in April, Benjie has developed from a curled up little new-born to a smiley, communicative miniature person – some of the time anyway!  Those moments when he’s in a good mood mean I’ve actually started to get out of bed with a teeny spring in my step, even after the longest of nights.


The first few weeks really were like nothing I could have imagined and passed in a sleepless haze of endless feeding, nappies, painkillers, phone-calls to my mum and, thankfully, visits from lovely family and friends who showered us with cards, gifts, support and FOOD.

Anyway, onto the matter in hand.  Yesterday, after a break of three months I saw a fabulous, high-flying yummy mummy for a colour and style consultation, while my boys went on a bonding expedition to Kew Gardens.  Soon after she arrived I’d forgotten all about my new ‘mum’ status and was engrossed in doing something else I love – helping someone gain confidence and get excited about clothes and make-up.  So feeling re-energised I wanted to write a blog, using the bubble I’ve been in for the past couple of months as my context.  Here’s what I learned about style, and more importantly, comfort, for the lead up to and the very early days as a new mum.


  • Let’s be brutal, labour is an unglamorous business.  However, when I went to Primark to buy my two ‘baggy t-shirts’ listed on the NCT labour must-haves, I did pick them out in my colour – a light coral. Well, there’s no point in looking worse than you have to! Just as well I liked it as I was still covered in coral-coloured bits of fluff several showers later.  The t-shirts matched my pedi, efficiently carried out two weeks in advance of my due date.  By the time I went into labour four weeks later my toes were looking chipped and the worse for wear, but at that point I really didn’t care. Still, it’s nice to have a bit of pampering while you’re waiting for baby to make an appearance.


  • Before I started NCT I’d asked my sister for some new pyjamas for my birthday for my hospital bag.  She’d picked out a gorgeous floral pair in the pastel shades that suit me best.  I got a rude awakening when I looked at the NCT must-haves, which listed ‘pyjamas in dark colour’.  The florals were hastily returned and exchanged for a navy Primark pair – not what I would choose.  Sadly, I have to agree with NCT that straight after having a baby is not the time for a ‘light’ to embrace her colours in nightwear.  I found it wasn’t worth spending a lot and other important criteria were cool (hospital is hot!), soft and stretchy.

Lounging around wear

  • I spent a few days in hospital following the birth.  Not having anticipated this, I’d optimistically packed my maternity jeans (which hadn’t fitted for three months) and a loose top as my ‘going home’ outfit.  However, I soon found out that whatever kind of birth you have you are unlikely to want to go anywhere near jeans for at least a week.  Leggings all the way.  Also, maybe it’s a good idea to make a list of what you’d want if you did have to stay which you can present to the relevant person should the need arise.  I learned this the hard way when my husband turned up with an assortment of my gym-wear.  What I found I wore in that couple of weeks, at hospital and at home, was LEGGINGS, as I said, and loose t-shirts in my colours (I needed all the help possible to look human) with stretchy vests underneath.  The up and under option (up with the t-shirt and under with the vest) is the easiest I’ve found for feeding…but that’s a topic for another blog.

*This definitely was premature – I wrote this a week ago and haven’t had a minute to upload it to my website due to a very grizzly baby and severe sleep deprivation!