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May 2013

And the bride wore…

13th May 2013

Last year, after years of wondering when I might be a bridesmaid, my friend Cathy finally popped the question.   In fact, this was before her boyfriend, Joe, had even popped the question to her.  When she rang with news of her engagement and confirmation of my position a few weeks later I was overjoyed – I would get to go wedding dress shopping! (Oh, and of course thrilled for the lovely couple.  When Cathy was my bridesmaid, she was excited to the point that my husband apologised during his speech for imposing on her special day).

When our shopping day arrived, Cathy informed me that she’d already bought a dress she’d seen in a sale. After a quick try-on we agreed it could be a back up option but we couldn’t let the fact she already had a dress get in the way of a day’s shopping.

Cathy wanted to avoid the bridal boutiques so we headed forCoast.  This particular store had an exclusive wedding fitting room with a chaise longue on which I spent the next several hours luxuriating with a glass of fizz.  Meanwhile Cathy stepped out of the cubicle in ivory dress after ivory dress.  She tried long, short, ruffled, bejewelled, strapless, sleeves, chiffon, silk, A-line, fishtail.  Although I thought she looked stunning in many of them, for her something just didn’t feel right.

A couple of years earlier Cathy had had a colour analysis with me.  With her dark hair, pale skin and gorgeous hazel eyes, her colouring is clear, cool and deep and she looks best in colours that share her characteristics.  She favours the deeper colours in her palette.

We concluded it wasn’t the styles that were the problem: it was the colour. Cathy decided it was time to step away from the white.  A few dresses later, she’d found ‘the one’ – a beautifully flattering, strapless number in…well I won’t spoil the surprise.

A few months later, after several glasses of wine Cathy plucked up the courage to tell me that she had found another ‘the one’ and therefore now had a total of three dresses hiding in various places around the flat she shares with Joe. Cathy has always had phenomenal ability to shop, so I’m not sure why I was surprised.  This one was the same colour but had straps and a few extra details.

When the big day arrived, Cathy had settled on ‘the one’ number three.   As she walked down the aisle it was clear she had made the right decision.  By bucking the traditional white and choosing one of her ‘wow’ colours with vibrant accents of cheery yellow daffodils and hot pink shoes to match her strong, contrasting colouring, Cathy looked fantastic, oozed confidence and had added a sense of individuality to her wedding day. Needless to say, the groom was wowed by the beautiful bride, as were all the guests.

Cathy is a great example of a bride doing things differently.  Whether you’re a bride looking for advice on colours, styles and make-up for you and your bridesmaids or a member of the wedding party or guest wanting to dress your best on for a special day, I would love to help – just get in touch.

And here she is!